Water Supply

Rockplan has extensive experience in water supply projects – both in new underground wastewater treatment plants and in the expansion of existing treatment plants.

The excavation of Tampere’s Sulkavuori central wastewater treatment plant are, for the first time ever, using the EMO environmental monitoring system developed by Kalliotekniikka Consulting Engineers Oy. Through the EMO, area residents receive information about the progress and routes of excavation, among other things.

Rockplan is responsible for the design of the sewage tunnels for the new wastewater treatment plant in Blominmäki, Espoo, and for the Suomenoja acceleration and discharge pumping station.

In Rockplan’s experience, in addition to conventional rock construction, treatment plants within rock require special solutions that are an integral part of the plant design. Rockplan’s water supply reference sites cover almost all of the underground treatment plants implemented in Finland.

Sewage Tunnels at the Blominmäki Wastewater Treatment Plant

Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY

New residential buildings are being planned for the Suomenoja area, so the above-ground access points to the Suomenoja acceleration and drainage pumping station will be situated quite close to the residential area. Consequently, the access buildings are designed to withstand both time and gaze.

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Tampere Central Wastewater Treatment Plant

Tampere Region Central Wastewater Treatment Plant Ltd. / City of Tampere

The construction of a wastewater treatment plant to be built inside the rock and using the latest treatment technologies began in Sulkavuori in 2018.

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Viikinmäki Wastewater Treatment Plant

Helsingin vesi (now Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY)

The Viikinmäki rock treatment plant, which was built mainly inside the rock, was put into operation in 1994. The treatment plant’s process is based on the activated sludge method.

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Vuosaari Transportation Tunnels

Tiehallinto/ Vuoli-projekti

Rockplan designed Vuosaari Harbor’s Porvarinlahti road tunnels and Labbacka railway tunnel in cooperation with Finnmap Infra Oy. The 1,600-meter-long submarine road tunnel in Vuosaari is approximately 25 meters below sea level at its deepest point.

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