Environmental Services

Consideration for the environment and nature is a basic precondition for Rockplan’s urban infrastructure design, which is based on a high-quality environmental management program, environmental risk assessment and minimization of harm. The aim is to ensure that environmental conditions do not change significantly as a result of construction.

Rockplan’s experienced professionals individually design each construction project, inspect environmental risks, determine the necessary studies, and develop an environmental management program. We have experience in ground- and bedrock water management at rock construction sites, quality monitoring and monitoring of subsidence.

We work closely with FINAS-accredited laboratories to obtain reliable and high-quality analyses according to standardized methods, as well as comprehensive baseline data for high-quality assessment. Achieving our goals requires precise implementation of design solutions and site measurements based on monitoring and interaction with various parties at different stages of planning.

An important part of our work is to report to environmental authorities as well as to other parties involved in the project. We are actively involved with Kalliotekniikka Consulting Engineers Oy in developing the browser-based environmental monitoring system EMO (Environmental Monitoring Online), which has the advantage of transparent and real-time monitoring. This system will improve each project’s ability to achieve a successful, environmentally friendly outcome that serves all those living in the project’s area of ​​impact, the customer and the authorities.

Tampere Central Wastewater Treatment Plant

Tampere Region Central Wastewater Treatment Plant Ltd. / City of Tampere

The construction of a wastewater treatment plant to be built inside the rock and using the latest treatment technologies began in Sulkavuori in 2018.

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Sewage Tunnels at the Blominmäki Wastewater Treatment Plant

Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY

New residential buildings are being planned for the Suomenoja area, so the above-ground access points to the Suomenoja acceleration and drainage pumping station will be situated quite close to the residential area. Consequently, the access buildings are designed to withstand both time and gaze.

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Vuosaari Transportation Tunnels

Tiehallinto/ Vuoli-projekti

Rockplan designed Vuosaari Harbor’s Porvarinlahti road tunnels and Labbacka railway tunnel in cooperation with Finnmap Infra Oy. The 1,600-meter-long submarine road tunnel in Vuosaari is approximately 25 meters below sea level at its deepest point.

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