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Project Description

Civil Defence Shelters (2014-)

Client: Rakennusbetoni ja elementti Oy
Extent:  Several locations
Responsibilities:  Structural design

  • Building information modelling is used in the design of civil defence shelters. The use of precast reinforced concrete elements is common in the Finnish housing and infrastructure construction of civil defence shelters, but traditional cast-in-place construction of above-ground civil defence shelters can also be used.
  • Cooperation between design and production is heightened, for example, with modern design programs. With the help of structural design based on information modelling, the element factory receives, for example, information on the quantity and reinforcing of the element directly from the design without needing a separate manual count.
  • A typical public civil defence shelter can have a secondary use during normal time, which means more flexibility in the design phase as well as significant cost benefits during the life cycle of the shelter. The highest class operational shelters must have a continuous, fully operational status.