Mining, Industry and Energy

Salmisaari Coal Storage

The four underground coal silos built in connection with the Salmisaari Power Plant in the early 2000s are located at a depth of 120 meters below sea level. When completed, the Salmisaari underground coal storage facility was the first of its kind in the world. The silos are 65 meters high, 40 meters wide and can accommodate 250,000 tons of coal.

The shape of the storage silos was a result of a shift to full automation. The cylindrical coal silo allowed for the use of gravity in the handling of the coal and it was also optimal for rock mechanical reasons. As a result of situating Salmisaari’s coal stores underground in the rock, the former surface coal field was released for commercial and office use.

Helen Oy is committed to phasing out the use of coal. Coal from the Salmisaari Power Plant is planned to be replaced by 2029. We look forward to seeing how Salmisaari’s underground facilities will be used in the future!

Kakola Heat Pump Plant

The Kakola Heat Pump Plant uses the waste heat from the Kakolanmäki Wastewater Treatment Plant and produces both district heating and district cooling for properties in Turku. So the heat pump plant gets its energy from a renewable energy source!

The Kakola Heat Pump Plant has been excavated in the rock in connection with the Kakolanmäki Wastewater Treatment Plant. Upon completion, the heat pump plant reduced the consumption of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions in the area, as it could partially replace the use of coal at the Naantali Power Plant.

ONKALO® Research Facility

The underground ONKALO® research facility, which extends to a depth of 450 meters, provides valuable information on the suitability of the Olkiluoto bedrock for final disposal. The bedrock is studied geologically, hydrogeologically and geochemically, among other things. The site is excavated using the traditional drill-blasting method. Research, surveys and monitoring of conditions can be conducted from ONKALO® without disturbing the construction of the disposal facility.

Inside, ONKALO® looks like this!

ONKALO® is a registered trademark of Posiva Oy

Kittilä Mine Main Level 900

The design of the maintenance level of the Kittilä gold mine is currently the deepest ongoing project at Rockplan. The new maintenance level, to be excavated and built into the rock, will be located at a depth of 900 meters. The maintenance level will provide warehouse space and social facilities for personnel. In the future, this may be the location of the deepest workplace cafeteria in Lapland!

Spent Nuclear Fuel Disposal Facility

The world’s first spent nuclear fuel disposal facility will be built in Olkiluoto, Eurajoki. Spent nuclear fuel is packaged in copper canisters that protect the fuel from mechanical stress for up to 100,000 years.

The disposal facility will be excavated to a depth of 400 meters in the bedrock of Olkiluoto and the disposal canisters will be placed in holes drilled in the disposal tunnels. The stable bedrock provides almost unchanging conditions for nuclear fuel and protects against surface temperature fluctuations.

Excavation work began in 2016 and final disposal of nuclear waste is scheduled to begin in the 2020s.

Watch how it looks like in the depth of 430 meters.