Vuosaari Transportation Tunnels

Rockplan designed Vuosaari Harbor’s Porvarinlahti road tunnels and Labbacka railway tunnel in cooperation with Finnmap Infra Oy.

The 1,600-meter-long submarine road tunnel in Vuosaari is approximately 25 meters below sea level at its deepest point. The road tunnel was opened in 2007 and is currently the third longest road tunnel in Finland. The tunnel leads to the beginning of Ring Road III in Vuosaari Harbor.

The 600-meter-long Labbacka railway tunnel is part of the 19-kilometer-long Vuosaari freight port and runs under the Labbacka Natura 2000 environmental site. After Labbacka, the track crosses Porvari Bay.

In 2008, the Vuosaari Harbour and its transportation organization received the Finnish Association of Civil Engineers’ RIL Award, which is given in recognition of an project whose design and implementation have demonstrated excellence in the construction industry.

Tiehallinto/ Vuoli-projekti

Project management, rock mechanics and tunneling, and structural design

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