Paloheinä Public Transportation Tunnel

The Paloheinä tunnel is a traffic tunnel running underneath Helsinki Central Park for more than a kilometer. Rather than a new bus line passing through the park, it was decided to run it through a tunnel under the park and preserve the recreational uses on the surface. Currently, the tunnel is only used by public bus transportion, but the design has also accounted for possible future tram traffic. The main 560 bus line using the tunnel carries passengers between Vuosaari and Myyrmäki.

Completed in 2015, the Paloheinä tunnel fell short of the budget by more than 6 million euros. The savings arose when the plans were simplified, and a single-pipe tunnel was built instead of a two-pipe tunnel. The rock excavated during the construction of the tunnel was used in the area for the rehabilitation of the Paloheinä recreation and for the construction of the Kuninkaantammi area.


Principal design, architectural, rock mechanics and tunneling, and structural design

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