Customer Information Privacy Statement

Data Protection Act (1050/2018).

Contact person for register matters

Kirsi Toukola


All Kalliosuunnittelu Oy Rockplan Ltd. customers and contact persons indicated by the customer, as well as potential customers who have been contacted in connection with ordering the company’s services.

Purpose and retention period of personal data

The purpose of the register is to manage customer relationships as well as customer contact and invoicing. Additionally, the data contained within the register can be used for statistical purposes, to provide services and products, as well as providing information to customers. With the customer’s consent, the information is also used for creating and sending customer newsletters, marketing, advertising, and direct marketing. The customer can choose to refuse direct marketing. The customer’s personal information is retained for as long as the customer can be considered a customer of the company. The information of potential customers will be kept for as long as it is necessary to establish possible future cooperation. Obsolete personal data will be deleted from the company’s customer data register.

Information content of the register

The register may contain the following information:

  • Register subject’s name and contact details
  • Company name, contact information and industry
  • Customer relationship management and contact information (such as billing methods, additional information provided by the customer, purchased products and services, invoiced or billed jobs)
  • Marketing and promotional information
  • Technical data as well as cookies sent to the register subject’s browser and related information

Register subject’s rights

The register subject has the right to prohibit the company from using personal data for direct marketing purposes. One can opt out of direct marketing by opting out of receiving the company’s customer newsletter or by clicking the unsubscribe section at the end of the company’s customer newsletter site.

A registered customer has the right to inspect the data stored about her/him in accordance with the Personal Data Act. The information can be obtained from the register upon written request. After processing the request, the information will be provided to the customer in a separately agreed manner. If any inaccuracies or omissions in the information are discovered, the customer can ask for a correction or supplement to the information by contacting

The register subject also has the following rights:

  • to obtain information on the processing of her/his personal data
  • to access her/his personal information and verify the personal information we process about her/him
  • to require the correction of inaccurate and/or incorrect personal data as well as to supplement the data
  • to require the deletion of her/his personal data
  • to withdraw consent and object to the processing of her/his personal data
  • to make a complaint to the Data Protection Officer if he/she feels that we are in breach of existing data protection laws when processing personal data
  • to require restrictions on the processing of personal data

Normal sources of information

Information concerning the register subject is regularly obtained from input directly into the system by the register subject her/himself or by e-mail, telephone, forms, through a mobile application, from the customer’s website or in another similar manner.

Normal disclosure of information

If the customer’s personal data is disclosed to a third party, such as a subcontractor, the customer will be notified separately orally or in writing. The customer’s personal data will not be disclosed outside the EU without the customer’s separate oral or written consent.

Registry security

Kalliosuunnittelu Oy Rockplan Ltd. will keep the customer’s personal information confidential and ensure that all persons handling the customer’s personal data are bound by confidentiality or are subject to applicable legal professional secrecy. The customer’s personal information is protected by online anti-virus and anti-spyware software. At the physical premises of the website service provider and at Kalliosuunnittelu Oy Rockplan Ltd., access to the customer’s personal data cannot be made without a person on the service provider’s payroll being physically present in the same location. This ensures that data is not accessed by unauthorized parties. The premises are protected by electrically locked doors as well as a surveillance camera and computers are separately protected with personal passwords.


Cookies are data that is stored on a visitor’s computer, usually in memory of actions already taken. For example, a cookie is often stored about the choices made by the user of the website, completed contact information or other similar data that facilitates the use of the website. With this information, we can develop our service and user experience. In some cases, we also use cookies to store settings that make the site easier to use, such as login information. Cookies are plain text files and do not harm users’ computers or files.

Cookies and Kalliosuunnittelu Oy Rockplan Ltd. 

We use cookies on our website, and it is our responsibility to report them. Third parties may also set cookies on the user’s terminal when the user visits our service. Third parties include, for example, cooperating advertisers or ad networks, as well as various measurement and tracking service providers. Below is a list of the cookies we use and information about what we use them for.


Google Tag Manager

GTM or Google Tag Manager is a tool for managing various tracking tags. It allows many different tracking codes to be obtained for a site through a single snippet of code.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics tracks, for example, site traffic and visitor traffic. However, this data cannot be linked to anyone personally. Information from Google can also be used to target ads.

Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel can be used to do re-advertising, i.e. to re-advertise services to a person who has already visited our site on Facebook. Remarketing is an effective way to remind those interested in the company and get them to make contact. This is also possible with specific targeting for each service.


Our site collects data from visitors for remarketing. Remarketing allows ads to be targeted to those who have already visited a site. However, the data cannot be linked to anyone personally.

Blog post comments and likes

Commenting on or liking one of our blog posts, causes cookies to be created. Liking a blog article on Facebook also creates a cookie for the site. The site recognizes all Facebook likes of articles and displays them in connection with articles on the site. This works by sharing the article with its own url-address. The system can also search for likes from other sites.

Contact form

The various contact forms on the site also collect cookies. In these contexts, the user’s personal information is stored, but it is never passed on to a third party and all information is well secured in an environment protected by firewalls and strong passwords.


zKalliosuunnittelu Oy Rockplan Ltd. collects data about visitors to its website. Personal information collected through data provided by the user of the website is, in principle, only processed by Kalliosuunnittelu Oy Rockplan Ltd. employees and shall be kept only for as long as necessary, taking into account the purpose for which the data are collected. For example, information about newsletter subscribers can be retained for as long as the customer wants to receive the newsletter. We use cookies in a way that does not infringe on the privacy of any user of the site. The information is not used to identify individual users. The user of the website may choose to refuse the use of cookies in their own browser settings, but this may cause the website to not work in the best possible way.