ROCKPLAN specialises in environmental services.

Our environmental services include the application of basic environmental and geological information, environmental surveys and analyses of survey results, and environmental and risk assessments for decision-making purposes.

ROCKPLAN’s environmental services cover a wide range of surveys and expert services related to the environmental management of construction projects. Our core expertise includes versatile groundwater surveys, environmental management and monitoring programmes, analyses of monitoring results, environmental impact assessments, as well as water and environment permit applications. An important part of our work includes the analysis and reporting of environmental monitoring results. Diverse expertise, a customer-oriented approach and project management skills ensure a high-quality service.

Members of ROCKPLAN’s environmental services team work in close interaction with the team established for a project. They form a concept of the project site’s and site region’s environment and geology, on which basis the required surveys and monitoring programmes are assessed. The environment team prepares material supporting the design of rock construction projects (e.g. modelling the behaviour of rock groundwater, flow changes and water quality). Environmental geology modelling helps achieve the best possible design solutions. High-quality vibration and noise measurements, precise levelling, vibration reductions for sensitive equipment and radon surveys of properties are also services offered by ROCKPLAN.

Our environmental services always include the identification of environment challenges at the site, management of environmental risks and choosing the correct solutions.

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